Lenten BEING Challenge

Video Meet for Lenten Season BEING Challenge
Connection Groups are invited and encouraged to meet weekly with video chat during Lent to share questions and insights related to our Red Letter "BEING" Challenge.  If you do not hear from your host/leader next week, check in with them to find out your group's day and time for getting together.  This will help all of us get back in the habit of gathering so we are ready for spring and summer!
Not part of a CG yet, or unable to meet the day/time that your group has arranged?  Randy and Karen Holdeman will host a drop-in video chat each week for those currently not connected in a group.  The Holdeman group will meet Fridays, 2/19 through 3/26 from 7:30 - 8:30, using Zoom (Meeting ID: 859 9761 0486): https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85997610486
Questions? Please contact Randy Holdeman, ELC Director of Connection Groups, .  

Emmanuel's 40-Day BEING Challenge begins on 2/16 as Day 1 
2/14 - Week 1:  Discover Keystone Habits Introduction -- Wk 1 Small Group Guide
2/21 - Week 2:  Commit to Community -- Wk 2 Small Group Guide
2/28 - Week 3:  Study Scripture -- Wk 3 Small Group Guide
3/07 - Week 4:  Prioritize Prayer -- Wk 4 Small Group Guide
3/14 - Week 5:  Seek Solitude -- Wk 5 Small Group Guide
3/21 - Week 6:  Choose Church -- Wk 6 Small Group Guide