Beyond Belief


In June, 2017 we rolled out a new logo for Beyond Belief-Senior High Youth Ministry. The design is fairly simple, but don’t let the simplicity undermine the meaning.  The circle and the colors have ties to our stained glass logo. The backwards and forwards facing “B” stand for Beyond Belief. In the middle of the circle in the white background as well as the black in the middle of the Bs there is a very subtle cross.  As far as the meaning behind beyond belief, that is two-fold. First, what Jesus did for us is beyond belief, we cannot fully understand and even if we could, it wouldn’t make sense to our human rationale. The second part, ties into our lives, we are called to believe. But, more than that we are called to live out the love that Christ first showed us. Plan to join us as we explore what it means to live life Beyond Belief.
  • Summer Mission Trip (recent trips include: Pawleys Island, SC; Navajo Nation, AZ)
  • LCMS National Youth Gathering (the 2019 NYG is in Minneapolis, MN)
  • Annual conferences and retreats
  • Monthly activities, Bible study, service events and more
  • Sunday School at 9:30 am
  • Beyond Belief Youth Nights
At Emmanuel we believe that the family is the key in helping students shape their faith. We strive to equip and resource families with what they need to play the role God has given to them. We truly believe that one resource to families with Jr. and Sr. High Youth is intergenerational Connection Groups where students and families can build meaningful relationships with others who will walk alongside them in the faith. This is vital for students to get to know other adults who can build up, support, and mentor them in the faith in ways that parents might not be able. We are the body of Christ and are to walk together in the faith to which we have been call. In addition to the adults in their Connection Group, the team of Youth Ministry adult volunteers can act as additional spiritual mentors, prayer partners, and friends for each and every one of our students.
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