In Giving

“Online Giving” is a way not only for members of Emmanuel Lutheran Church (ELC) to practice their Christian stewardship, but for others outside of the Emmanuel church family to share in the mission and ministry of our congregation.  To those who have been prompted by the Holy Spirit and have been blessed by the proclamation of the gospel through the ministry of ELC and wish to make a contribution we say, “Thank you for your willingness to support the ministry of Emmanuel Lutheran Church. Your gift enables you to be connected to our Mission and Vision toward “Reaching All with the Gospel.” At Emmanuel we believe that every follower of Jesus Christ is to be a Steward of the Gospel and of all God’s blessings as they are connected to a local Christian congregation in Word and Sacrament Worship.”

As we transition to our new church management software, we have added a new link below for any new users that utilizes the new e360 Giving module.  (The “existing users” link will still take you to Vanco for those who have already set up an account with them.  This will remain until we complete the transition.)  Please note that we are taking the necessary steps to insure that “Online Giving” remains a spiritual act of stewardship while all privacy and security is in place to provide this as a safe means of giving.

Make a one time donation or to set up a regular online giving plan.